A drawing project in 2013 to better my skills in drawing Cartoons. I wanted to become faster and understand the conventions of the style.

Donald Duck for my Dad. 2012. (Age 17)

Graphite of Mushu. (2011) (Age 16)

Compilation of Disney Sketches done for a school folio. 2011 (Age 16)

Flynn Rider Sketches. 2011 (Age 16)

Fan-art of the latest Disney Feature film Frozen. 2013 (Age 19)
Pen and Digital.

Patch (101 Dalmations). 2012 (Age 17)

Experimentation piece. Pencil, Watercolour and Digital. 2013 (Age 19)

Rapunzel. Pencil and Digital. 2013 (Age 18)

Flynn Rider. 2011. (Age 16)


My biggest passion is drawing Cartoons. I dream of one day being a Character Development artist and hopefuly working for Walt Disney or Pixar.
I really would love to be a part of the hard working team that bring the magic on paper to a magic movie on the screen.

Drawing, Animation, Cartoon, Illustration