Traditional Art

Graphite Drawing of Ben Barnes.
2011 (Age 17)

Graphite drawing of Scarlet Johansson. 2010. (Age 16)

Pen and Graphite Pencil, Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. (Reference, Disney Poster). 2011. (Age 17)

Commission Harry Styles and my cousin Parke, 2012. (Aged 18)

Watercolour Painting of my eye. 2012. (Age 17)

Watercolour Painting of Cherry Blossoms. (2010) Age 16

Pencil, Drawings, Graphite, Watercolour

Traditional art was where my love affair with art began. It was where I discovered the best way to draw proportions, how shadow and highlights play their role and even how to correctly shade and blend. It really set me up for every medium of art.