Digital Paintings

Lord of The Rings Fan-art. 2012. (Age 18) Ref:

Tangled Tower Painting. 2011. (Age 16) Ref:

Tangled Lights. 2012 (Age 17) Ref:

Joseph Gordon Levitt. 2012. (Age 18) Reference Used.

Rapunzel. 2012. (Age 18) Ref:

Ben Barnes. 2012. (Age 17) Ref:

Merrida from Brave. 2012 (Age 18) Ref:

Matt Smith, 11th Doctor. 2013 (Aged 19) Ref:

"Frozen" Castle. 2013 (Aged 19) Reference:

Illustration, Digital, Painting, Animation, Landscape

With the dawning of a computer age, the digital art world is becoming more fashionable. I, too, have caught on and fallen in love with the endless possibilities, the freedom of change and colour. Digital art has become my primary focus of study and improvement.
I hope it will aid me in developing my own personal style as an artist.