Natalie Wyatt


My name is Natalie and I'm a 19 year old Australian artist.

I'm about to commence my second year of university (2014) doing a Bachelor's degree in Visual arts and Design which focus on the areas, of Two-Dimensional Arts, Graphic Design, Media and Art History and Theory.

I have been drawing seriously since the age of 14 and very quickly decided that I was very passionate about it. As I grew and matured, my preferred subject of drawing was that of cartoons and animation.

My love of Disney began as any child would, watching the Disney Classics hit the television screens, however upon watching "Tangled" at the theatres in 2010, my life changed. The magic on that screen had me itching for a pen, my heart pounding and I knew I wanted nothing more than to be a part of that magic.
I dream of one day being blessed with the opportunity to work on movies like Tangled. I want to bring that magic to a someone, so they can experience it like I did... and still do!

My art idol would be Glen Keane, my favourite movie- Tangled, dream job - Character Development Artist and obsession - all things Disney.

Thankyou for taking a look at my work. Feel free to send me an email with any inquiries.

More work can be viewed at my Deviantart Website: